Think Outside The Box: Mailing lists

A national campaign for and by Non-Binary Gendered people.
This is a new campaign and the website is under construction; please bear with us.

Mailing Lists

We have two types of mailing list, three general mailing lists of differing volume and a range of lists which cover specific areas of activity of the campaign so people can be involved in one or more area without having to read email from lots of others. We are hoping to form working groups for the different areas but this is very informal - feel free to join a list to find out what is going on and whether you'd like to help out. All of the mailing lists should be set so that only the admins can see the lists of members - they are however new so there may be errors, but your email addresses will definitely not be exposed unless you post to a list.


As an alternative to below you can sign up to mailing lists at a doodle, simply fill in with the email address you'd like to use. This will take a little while to process, you will get a confirmation when it is. The doodle is private so only we can see the answers though obviously you are exposing the data to doodle in this process, we will delete people's answers as they are processed.

Main lists


A low volume email list to receive occasional updates or calls to action. We expect to only use this a few times a year.

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Announce list

Emails every few weeks or so, to flag up events, activism, and recent activity and generally keep people up to date on the campaign.

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Discuss list

Email for active discussion of the campaign, discussion of decisions and for the working groups to feedback to the campaign as a whole. The fact that we have working groups and will add them as needed we anticipate this still not being that high volume.

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Working Group lists

For specific areas of the campaign, joining these is no commitment to being a working group or working in that area, just that you might be interested in doing so.

Census list

Following from the Census 2011 and our suggestion of people ticking both boxes it looks likely this data will be 'sanitised' with no gender or a random binary gender being chosen a similar situation is true for poly households and people stating same sex marriages. We want to fight this and ensure the true data is collected, we also want to ensure this policy is not used in future data collection and that gender is collected in a non-binary way so here's a working group for that.

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There's already a campaign running that we'd like to support to get Misc or Msc accepted as a gender neutral title on deed polls and on passports. There is a lot to be done it this area - we want to get the financial services authority recommending use of gender neutral titles to banks, get them accepted in general including on id. This is the group to start that process.

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Visual Publicity

A group for artsy types - help as with posters and postcards and layout of leaflets etc, we're very keen to get so really popping visuals, we and some of the other groups should be able to provide lots of pointers as to what could be included so it's a matter of getting those creative juices following.

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Documents & materials

We're going to be writing a lot of stuff for this campaign, from the base recommendations, to public letters, to leaflets that want to be worded very carefully, if you've got an eye for clear and interesting wording this is great group to be involved it, we hope it to be a place where a lot of the documents that need to be produced both from the campaign as the whole and other working groups as needed can polished, this is a really good group to get involved in if you've not got much time or variable commitments as you can just help write or comment when you are able.

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Written Publicity

Here's a place for magazine articles and similar to be written, we're keeping this and the above separate as they require quite different styles of writing but do encourage people to join both if they feel they are interested in both areas. This is going to be really important in getting the word of the campaign out and a great chance to get an idea of an article and run with it.

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While everyone in the campaign can write for the website here is a group for those keen in helping particularly with the website in whatever way. There's a lot to do, we have so big plans already and I'm sure people have more, so if you'd like to help out at something you can do at home easily and relatively independently this is a great group for you. We have a content management system that allows a fair bit of flexibility as to people helping out and adding templates etc.

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